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It was his former manager whose professionalism and dedication to making a positive impact in people's lives that drew Navaratnam (Thevan) to the New York Life career. 20 years later, Thevan has carved his own successful path with the Company, and is now dedicated to helping other agents grow and thrive the same way he has.

The hardships of transitioning into a new industry did not hinder Thevan from excelling in his new role. “The greatest challenge was to succeed in spite of a very competitive industry," he shares. “New York Life was very helpful and instrumental in providing intensive training, marketing and product support. The training he feels is “best in the industry“ gave him the help he needed to hit the ground running.

From starting as an agent 20 years ago, to Executive Partner at the New Jersey General Office with over a dozen Company and industry awards today, Thevan has made great strides in his New York Life career. "I found advancement opportunities tremendous," he says. Thevan took advantage of this opportunity and made the move into management not only to advance in his own career, but also to help agents thrive and succeed in their careers. "I have been promoted into management and I welcome the challenge because I realized the impact I could make to the lives of agents, their family and their community."

Thevan cites his involvement in the Senior Partner Study Group as having been instrumental in shaping his career and outlook. "My involvement has helped me to stay focused on what is important -- our families, community and to remain committed to our company's mission." The ability to learn from and work with his peers has allowed him to grow both professionally and personally.

Thevan values the not only the financial security for his family, but also the flexibility that his job provides, as it allows him to dedicate time to his wife, their three kids, and his hobbies and interests, which include travel, gardening, and architecture.

What's next in Thevan’s career? He wants to help grow the partners in his unit, the same way his former manager did for him. "My goal is to have 10 Partners promoted from my unit within the next 3 years. I am passionate about mentoring and developing agents to be successful professionals."

New York Life Insurance Company is a long-standing U.S. mutual life insurance company. As a mutual company, we are not publicly traded and therefore have no shareholders. Instead, customers who purchase certain participating products, such as whole life insurance, are entitled to vote in board of directors elections and share in any dividends, which are not guaranteed, that may be declared. These policy owners have the right to expect the company's highest priority to be safeguarding their interests.

Since 1845, we have provided financial security to families and businesses. We continue to do so, even during prolonged periods of economic uncertainty, because we are one of the strongest, most financially secure companies in the industry. The following financial strength ratings are provided to New York Life by the rating services.

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