Starts 12th Jan Saturday 7:30pm ET & 4:30pm PT
Bombaytalk -

Our family came to the United States in 1987. At the age of 42 my father in law started a new life in a new world America with his wife and two teenagers Jignesh 15 and Payal 12. Like all immigrants the first few years were hard getting to know the country and at the same time paying the bills. My mother in law worked in an factory while my father in law looked for a business opportunity. Now mind you they were a middle class family from Bombay so coming here and living in a 1 bedroom apartment was not easy but they worked hard while both kids worked while going to school. The underlying fold like many is the kids will get a good Life in America.

For Dilip Mehta and his wife who was a house wife in India to suddenly work in a factory was even harder but they persisted and eventually it paid off.

The restaurant journey began in 1974 in Matunga Bombay when he and his brothers opened Dimple restaurant there and after he moved to USA they decided to open the same business here in 1990 on oak tree rd in sugar tree plaza. In 1991 they moved to Iselin and till 1996 things were difficult but with their visions for fresh food and Bombay taste they succeeded in creating their brand. Their vision was always the same give quality food and don’t copy others.

Jahanvi mehta came in the picture in 1999 when she married Jignesh and moved to USA. Have a degree in food technology she wanted to try the corporate world but in The end decided to take on the family business and opens Dimple's Bombaytalk in Iselin with new items with India fusion food. The jungle jumbo sandwich and the Tokri chaat and many signature dishes like Chinese samosa and Mexican samosa she took the family business to new heights all the while taking care of family and her two kids Esha and Ansh.

The ride has been wonderful and hard at the same time. Jahanvi then decided to open Bombaytalk Catering Kitchen and Bombaytalk restaurant in Sayreville and the latest venture Bombaytalk in Franklin park NJ.

My vision is to take Bombaytalk to all the states with a sizable Indian population and also make Bombaytalk main stream to include all different races and cultures to try our food.

After being recognized in New York Times and Condé Nast traveler as a must visit restaurant in New Jersey she wants to take Bombaytalk even further all the while maintaining proper balance between her work and her family which to her is more important than any other successes she achieves.

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